Security Locks

High Security Locks are a basic part of your home’s security procurements. Our gathering of entryway locks empowers you to pick the individual case that suits your prerequisites and offers the towering security you need. Our extensive variety of elevated security entryway locks will secure your property opposite constrained entrance. Park Slope Locksmith entryway high security locks achieve the guidelines of the protection industry. They might be utilized as a part of conjunction with additional complex home security frameworks for example entryway passage frameworks and robber alert frameworks.

MulTlock and Medeco offers high security locks for you, your loved ones or your employees. They are a high security locks which when installed in your home or office  give you extra security and key control. With most other brands of locks you have very little control of who gets a key made for your house or office. They can take your key down to one of the hardware stores and have them make a duplicate key for about two dollars. How does anyone get your key to have it duplicated? Have you ever given your key to A babysitter? A pet sitter? Maid? Cleaning Service? Past Employees? Parking Lot Attendant? Valet? Garage Mechanic? Worker in or on your property? Just moved in? What about the real estate agent that sold you the house? Whoever the above people gave them too? Even someone who is not a thief can get a copy of your key by writing down the numbers that are stamped on your key by the factory – it only takes seconds to do it. Locks provide no protection if you can easily get a key made. If you purchase the locks on your house or office from a nearby retail store, the manufacturer sells a very limited amount of combinations to the same store, so there is a high chance that your neighbor who purchased their locks at the same store may have the same key you have.

Door Security Solutions

Our professional and renowned Locksmith Service offers a complete line of door specific security products that can either be purchased through a commercial network or through our trained technicians. Not only do we only carry brand names that lead the security industry in innovation and quality, but with our adept employees we guarantee that such technology can guard lives, assets, and facilities worldwide. We offer a variety of products for both residential properties, as well as both commercial/business locations. With our sight-manager and security designers available 24/7, you can be sure to find the product you are looking for. Whether you require a decorative high security cylinder, an access control system, or desire to schedule a maintenance audit to inspect your devices, Park Slope Locksmith is the company to call.

Park Slope Locksmith Use of High Security Locks:

With Medeco Maxum® or Mul T Lock High Security Deadbolts and Door Locks, you have to go to your certified locksmith and have your key made with a special card. The hardware store doesn’t have the machinery or the knowledge to make the key. With Medeco’s patented Medeco3 system it’s virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. Only with your permission are the Medeco security and Mul T lock professionals are authorized to copy your key for your Mul T lock or Medeco Locks. An High security Locks are tougher with the other locks. Medeco’s Maxum® deadbolt was tested against the standards set for auxiliary locks by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), based on such criteria as ability to withstand kicking, prying, wrenching, hammering, sawing and drilling attacks. The Maxum deadbolt not only exceeded the Grade 1 (highest level) standard in every case, but it exceeded it by as much as 150% in some tests! Even bumping is virtually impossible with the Maxum Locks. So go to a security professional who’s has the Mul T lock or  Medeco seal on the door. That’s the only standard that really counts! Consult Park Slope Locksmith when you need reliable high security locks.

Mul-T-Lock is one of the top ten high security locking solution companies in the world, and a leader in locking solutions for the institutional, commercial and residential sectors.